Drug Policy

In keeping with our commitment to providing a safe and healthful work place, the Company strictly prohibits the possession, sale or use of alcohol, drugs, marijuana, inhalants, drug paraphernalia or other illegal, controlled or mind altering substances on Company property, or in an employee's possession while at work. Additionally, working under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or with detectable amounts of drugs, marijuana, alcohol or other prohibited substances in an employee's system is prohibited and is reason for termination.

To enforce this policy, drug and alcohol testing and search are considered necessary. Additionally, drug and alcohol testing of our employees is required by federal regulations and customer requirements. The drug testing and search procedures are in place to discourage the use and/or possession of these substances and deter employees from violating the drug and alcohol policy. Employees found in violation of the drug and alcohol policy will be strictly disciplined including termination. Test refusal or positive test results will immediately be reported to the USCG as required by regulations.

The Company is committed to protecting the rights of those employees who abide by the drug and alcohol rules. Therefore, all searches and testing will be conducted in a manner which not only follows the regulations and laws, but also recognizes the individual employees rights to fair treatment.