Environmental Policy

Golding Barge Line is committed to operating our business in an environmentally sound manner, protecting the health and safety of our employees and the public. The management and the employees of Golding Barge Line are committed to ensuring that our operations adhere to the laws which protect our environment. In this commitment, Golding Barge Line pledges to:

• Protect the environment, our employees, and the public from the health and safety hazards which are an inherent part of our business

• Recognize and respond to the hazards of river transportation and its effects on the environment

• Ensure that safety, health, and the environmental concerns are addressed in our operating procedures

• Partner with our Customers and vendors to work together in the safe transportation of products and the management of environmental hazards associated those products

• Commit to processes which will reduce emissions and waste generation and strictly adhere to all laws and regulations.

• Be proactive in the creation of responsible laws, regulations, and standards to safeguard the work place, community, and environment.

• Establish and maintain contingency plans and procedures to minimize the effects of accident, which may occur.