Safety Policy

All injuries and accidents are preventable. Our goal is for zero incidents. We believe that this is realistic and attainable.

• All employees have the responsibility for the safety in the workplace and at home.

• All employees have the responsibility for the safety of their coworkers.

• It is a requirement for all employees to guard against on-the-job conditions which have the potential for accident or injury. The first step to any job is to eliminate the source of danger. However, when this is not possible, the use guards, safety devices, protective clothing or equipment and avoidance procedures are required to ensure a safe work process.

• It is the responsibility of supervisors to provide adequate training for employees. It is the responsibility of the employee to think, use common sense, and work safely.

• Adherence to safety rules and instructions from supervisors is a requirement for employment with Golding Barge Line.

• Safety is important to our business. Without it, we cannot survive. It is to the benefit of the employee, his family and his company to prevent all accidents.