Excellence In Tank Barge Transportation

The ownership and operation of Golding Barge Line traces its roots in the marine transportation business to 1960 when Thomas Golding partnered with the Brent family from Greenville, MS to form the Guatemala-Memphis Line. These pioneers bought a small ship and started operating it from Guatemala to Memphis, Tennessee. In 1965 Thomas Golding started a shipyard and drydock facility in Vicksburg known as Big River Shipbuilding. The owners of Big River diversified into the operation of boats and tankbarges in 1969 by forming Ole Man River Towing.

Steve Golding, Chairman of Golding Barge Line, began his river career at a very young age working on the drydock at Big River Shipyard and later onboard boats at Ole Man River Towing. After graduating from Mississippi State University in 1972 he went on to lead the company to become a well established barge line. He took advantage of an opportunity to sell Ole Man River to Kirby Corporation in 1992.

Steve re-entered the barge industry by forming Golding Barge Line in 1995. Most of the original staff members of GBL grew up in the barge industry with Steve and eagerly came back to the newly formed tankbarge operation. Golding Barge Line has the distinct advantage of having had almost all of its (31) boats and all of its (66) barges custom built to its unique set of specifications. GBL is a company that has all state-of-the art equipment matched with a dedicated team of talented employees having years of experience in the tankbarge industry. There is truly no other tankbarge company like this very unique and specialized operation.

The 3rd generation of Golding’s entered the inland barge in 2009 with the addition of Steve and Melody’s son Austin Golding. Austin began working onboard all the Golding’s boats immediately after graduating from Mississippi State University. Austin had grown up in and around the barge industry so naturally his learning curve was not very steep. He has worked in every department within GBL and knows this industry well. Austin is President and CEO of Golding Barge line and is quick to point out that GBL operates very much like a family of dedicated people, so it is no surprise that he is a natural fit in his current position.

Golding Barge Line specializes in the movement of refined petroleum products, petro-chemicals, and aggregate products throughout the entire US inland waterway system. It has been developed into a well-established barge line, with a (60+) year heritage in the marine industry. All of GBL's boats have been custom built and are powered by CAT engines, which are proven to be the most energy efficient source of power available on the inland waterways. Its barges have been designed and built to the company's unique set of specifications. The discharge rates on these barges continue to 'break records' for the fastest discharge times at every terminal they call on. If you are a shipper looking for the safest and most energy efficient carrier to move your products, you have come to the right place. We sincerely hope you will give us the opportunity to add your company to our growing list of very satisfied and loyal customers.

Thomas Golding

(L-R) John Reid, Kirsten, Austin, Melody and Steve Golding