Excellence In Tank Barge Transportation

Our goal is to have zero incidents and injuries. All incidents and injuries are preventable and we believe that this is realistic and attainable goal. Employees are adequately trained throughout their career with Golding Barge Line. Every employee has the responsibility to maintain safety in the work place, at home, and for their coworkers. Employees are required to guard themselves and their coworkers against on-the-job conditions that have the potential for incident or injury. The first step is to eliminate the source of danger. However, if that is not possible, the use of safety guards, devices, PPE, and avoidance procedures are used to ensure a safe work place. Adhering to the safety rules and instructions from supervisors is a requirement for employment here at Golding Barge Line.

Golding Barge Line’s number one priority is the health and safety of its employees. A few of the policies and procedures that Golding Barge Line utilizes to ensure health and safety are a zero tolerance for drug and alcohol use while on the job, abiding by all laws that protect our environment, and promoting employees to report all near misses. Safety at Golding Barge Line is not a job, it is a culture that is protected, molded, and supported by every employee. Safety is important to our business. Without it, we cannot survive.

We are very proud of the safety culture that is thriving at Golding Barge Line. As of 2020 Golding Barge Line has a fleet combined total of 98 years with the Chamber of Shipping’s Jones F. Devlin Award and a fleet combined total of 141 years with the Chamber of Shipping’s Environmental Award.